1. Chokehold - More than Ever


  2. Left for Dead - Pliant


  3. satanicxsperm818:

    it’s about the role of femininity and identity within metal.


  4. Crass - They’ve Got a Bomb


  5. Oranssi Pazuzu - Valonielu review @ Scratch the Surface

    Coming out on 20 Buck Spin and Svart Records


  6. metalinjection:

    Album Review: WINDHAND Soma

    Imagine a smoke filled room. The acrid air, the fogginess of vision; all the senses permeated by the thick haze. This is the essence of stoner doom and one that is captured by Virginia group Windhand so very eloquently. With only an LP and a split with fellow Virginia doom metallers Cough,…

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    (via relapserecords)